Remove iCloud Activation Bypass iPhone 6s iOS 15.2.1

Apple device is known for its strong security system in its iphones, which is very useful in case your iPhone 6s is lost or stolen. The iCloud Lock will protect your iPhone 6s device & therefore it will be impossible to access your data if the activation lock is activated without entering the password & email, but once you forget your Icloud information, or you bought a used iPhone 6s idevice from Amazon or eBay and found that the idevice you buy is locked. In this post, we will learn how to Remove iCloud Bypass iPhone 6s iOS 15.2.1.

The iCloud problem has become a nightmare for every iPhone 6s user. Once you create an iCloud account to save your data without saving the account information in a safe place, and over time you forget the account information. and stuck on the iCloud verification page, how can the user then delete the iCloud lock from the iPhone 6s!! Today, we explain the way to unlock the iCloud through a 3uTools that specializes in unlocking and deleting the iCloud from your iPhone 6s. The iCloud is one of the biggest problems facing the iPhone 6s user, we offer a bypass iCloud tool called 3uTools that provides services to bypass iCloud.

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Compatibility: The 3uTools tool is compatible with all versions of Windows (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10).

Greetings, thanks, and appreciation: The 3uTools tool was developed and manufactured by the developer, so we thank them all for these wonderful tools.

Don’t forget to take a backup if possible: Take an iPhone 6s phone backup before using Tool because it will remove your personal data completely.

What are the common reasons for locking the iPhone 6s?

  • Update the iPhone 6s via the computer.
  • Create an Apple ID account, without saving the account information in a safe place.
  • Buying an iPhone 6s from an unknown person.

Download iCloud Bypass tools

Download 3uTools For Windows: 3uTools

Download iCloud ID Backup.rar: Mediafire

Very important: As for the installation 3uTools tool process, you are responsible for it, We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your iPhone 6s device due to the use of the 3uTools tool. Use it entirely at your own risk. we only in this blog offer you this simplified explanation of how to install and use this 3uTools tool to bypass the iCloud activation tool from your iPhone 6s.

How to Bypass iPhone 6s iCloud iOS 15.2.1 without Jailbreak

1- Unzip the iCloud ID Backup rar file and open it then delete the selected text.

2- Connect your iPhone 6s to the PC and Open the 3uTools tool.

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

3- Add a new text file then copy all this information:

  • 1- iOS Version 2- product type 3- sales model 4- IMEI 5- serial NO 6- ECID 7- UDID 8- cellular address 9- mainboard SN 10- vibrator number 11- ECID 12- wifi serial number 13- Bluetooth address

4- Paste it in the iCloud ID Backup text file then save it, and add the file to archive rar

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

5- Choose Files then drag iCloud ID Backup text rar file to it.

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

6- Add a New folder name iCloud ID Backup then drag the iCloud ID Backup text rar file to it.

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

7- Now you must Disable unlock with passcode on your iPhone 6s.

8- Unlock with passcode ==> Use device passcode ==> Enter any passcode.

Remove iCloud

9- Keep entering any passcode until getting the disabled passcode message.

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

10- Connect the iPhone 6s to Wifi network ==> WIFI Settings ==> Info icon.

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

11- Configure DNS ==> Manual==> Add Search Domain.

12- Add the iPhone 6s information you get in the first tutorial then Save:

  • 1- sales model 2- IMEI 3- serial NO 4- ECID 5- vibrator number 6- ECID 7- wifi serial number.

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

13- Configure proxy ==> Manual ==> Server: ==> Port: 80808091 ==> Save ==> Go back to Wifi network page.

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

14- On the 3utools app Reboot your iPhone 6s.

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

15-  Wait until your iPhone 6s Turn ON & Connect the iPhone 6s to Computer then click on Activate Now.

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

16- Click on Start and its Done, Your iPhone 6s activated succeed.

Remove iCloud lock Bypass iOS 15.2.1

17- Choose Language ==> Set up manually ==> Continue ==> Set up later.

Remove iCloud

18- Don’t use passcode ==> Don’t transfer data & apps ==> Forgot password or Don’t have an apple id ==> Set up later in settings.

Remove iCloud

19- Don’t use ==> Agree ==> Swipe up to get start.

20- Congratulation, you just remove Icloud on iPhone 6s device for windows Without Jailbreak and without any tool for free.

Remove iCloud

So, this was our lesson today to explain how to bypass iCloud activation iPhone 6s Without Jailbreak and without any tool. And in case you encounter any difficulty or read a step and do not understand it correctly, then leave us a comment below and we will answer you immediately.

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