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How To Jailbreak iPhone 8 iOS 14.8 Without Computer

Jailbreak iPhone 8 Without Computer

Many users Want to control their device, to gain access to restricted additional parts of the OS. In other words, you can customize & do whatever you want with your iPhone 8 device the way you want it. Today you’re going to find How To Jailbreak iPhone 8 iOS 14.8 Without Computer.

Most iPhone 8 people probably heard of the term jailbreak, maybe you’ve even jailbroken the iPhone 8 device before, Why should I jailbreck? But what is jailbreck iPhone 8 actually mean? it means gaining the ability to install custom third-party apps on your iPhone 8 device Running iOS 14.8.

What’s the Reason Jailbreck or not Jailbreak iPhone 8

Should You Jailbreak an iPhone 8!! yes, you can remove the annoying iOS features, increase the functionality of your iPhone 8 device, saves battery life, you can be able to download PDFs with no problems, you can download music videos, anything you want…

Why you shouldn’t jailbreck an iPhone 8, it will avoid your warranty, some sources may inject some kind of malware or spyware, be careful when you’re shopping online, battery life issues due to tweaks, and if you want the latest iOS features on your iPhone 8 if you’re jailbroken you’re just stuck on the old firmware.

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How To Jailbreak iOS 14.8 iPhone 8 Without Computer

1- Connect your iPhone 8 to a wifi network.

2- Turn OFF Auto Rotation.

3- Settings ==> General ==> Background App Refresh.

4- Turn ON Background App Refresh ==> Wi-fi & Mobile Data.

5- Open this link on iPhone 8 safari browser: https://appskd.com/

6- Search for Unc0ver ==> Install.

7- Wait until Installing Unc0ver ==> Allow.

8- Close ==> Settings.

9- Profile Downloaded ==> unc0ver.

10- Install ==>Enter your Passcode.

11- Install ==> Install.

12- The unc0ver app installed on your iPhone 8.

13- Try Jailbreaking iPhone 8 several times until the Cydia app installed on your iPhone 8.

14- Done, the Cydia app installed on your iPhone 8 and you the device jailbroken iOS 14.8 without Computer.

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